Ear and Audiology Services in Palm Harbor, FL

Board-certified Audiologist, Dr. Murphy, and Otolaryngologist, Dr. Berrios, diagnose, test and treat both audiology issues as well as other ear conditions in the Palm Harbor, FL area. Call Gulfcoast Ear, Nose & Throat Associates at (727) 942-4005 to schedule an appointment today.

Ear Conditions and Treatment

Ear Tubes

Ear tubes are typically for children, but can also be for adults too in some cases. They help treat chronic ear infections. The treatment is outpatient surgery for the installation of ear tubes, either short term or long term.


Tinnitus is commonly known as ringing in the ears, but can also have other symptoms such as buzzing or roaring. Tinnitus is typically a symptom of another condition that needs its own treatment.

Audiology Services

Audiology Overview

We offer many different hearing evaluations, each testing different conditions and areas of the ear. 

Hearing Aids

There are many different styles of hearing aids you can choose from. Look through your options and consult with our audiologist, Dr. Murphy. 

HALO™ Hearing Aids Technologies

We partner with HALO™, a hearing aid device that works with iOS so you can control your hearing aids from your iPhone, and help stream calls directly to your hearing aid, among other features.



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